10 Top Skills A Smart Teenager Needs After COVID 19

Dear Teenager,
How Smart and Influential Will You Be After Covid 19?

Let me show you the way…

Read below ????
10 Top Skills You Need As A Smart Teenager After COVID 19

  • You must know how to define your career…
    You need to ask yourself the following questions…using the 7Ws
    • What: What do you want to become?
    • Who: Who is motivating you?
    • Why: What is the reason why you want to become that kind of professional?
    • When: When do you want to attain that level?
    • Where: What stage of development are you in now in preparation towards that goal?
    • Which: Which tech tool can you master in that career path now?
    • How: How long will that career path or skill be relevant?
  • You must know how to Define the skills you need and how soon you need them.
  • You must know how to define the kind of mentor you need.. check their characters and achievements..
  • You must know how to Define your Friends. What do they talk about . How do they think?
  • Champions Screen Grabbing:
    Know what makes champions special in your field and learn the steps.
  • Leadership: Know how to influence people
    (Read up books on it, listen to Google Podcasts for free on it)
  • Communication: This is not about speaking the right phonetics but speaking the right “language”..that is the registry (specific kind of words) that relates to the audience or platform you are.
  • Profit Making & Investing: Study the art of making profit from whatever you do!!! (even your 10 naira can be make more money for you while you sleep.. check PiggyVest.com )
  • Relationship Management:

Study to know the Temperament & Personality type of people around you!

  • Intuition Mastery:

I can’t over emphasize this!

But no matter how good technology can be, there is a spirit in man that searches out the deep secrets in the heart of God (the creator) which a robot can never find even with 5G XRAY!!

Be bold and develop confidence in your intuition.

Those That Know Their God Shall Be Strong And Do Great Exploits!

That’s all for now…

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See You After COVID 19


I am Joshua Oshowo, a Global (Smart Teenagers) Development Coach with Teen Books in over 8 nations of the world…

I Develop Passionate Teenagers into Fulfilled Experts In 7 years By Taking Them Through Career Assessment, Connection To Skilled Trainers (in their identified path), Connection To Firms for Internship & Connection To Mentors for proper mentoring where they have weaknesses.

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