10 Truths of Automation

Hello Friends,
Do you know that the price difference between a hand tied sugar and a sealed one is just mainly a sealing machine?

It is widely said in my tribe (Yoruba Land of Nigeria) that the difference between Pekere (hand tied fried plantain) and Plantain chips (Machine sealed) is packaging!

But I dare tell you that what is basically the difference is not the technique but the machines involved that make it faster and neater…

That is what is called Automation!

Having been certified and trained as an Automation Engineer, Computer Engineer and Business Analyst and spent over 7 years across these fields,

I can boldly say that the difference between your productivity level is not your lack of knowledge always but your lack of an automated process in part or throughout your business that will make you earn more, do more and achieve more even while you are sleeping.

Without much ado, I will be sharing for the next 10 days on this platform :

10 Amazing Truths Of Automation

that will spur you to maximize your businesses and works.

Watch out for this series.
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