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My Entrepreneurship Story

In 2012: I founded PELEGUIN Engineering concepts ( to reduce the issues of young, creative, individuals and entrepreneurs in developing their ideas into feasible products like hardware, software, applications and books.

In 2013: I founded PELEGUIN Capacity Development Institute which was focused on proper assessment and training of teenagers; which has evolved into Smart Teens Global that now automates the process of assessment, training, mentoring and internship of teenagers.

In 2015: I founded PELEGUIN Agricultural Solutions which dealt in cultivation and marketing of exotic fruits and vegetables from the North Central of Nigeria to all other parts of the nation.

Which gave birth to the E.F.A.V (Exotic Fruits And Vegetables community ) that connects farmers, marketers and processors together

How Life Started For ME

I afterwards went for different short courses in Podcasting @Nigerian Podcast Academy

Executive Intelligence @ Eden Academy ,

Business Analysis with of Hayes Group (UK),

Grant Writing with Sozo Networks.

British Project Management Professional (PMP)

I started out my education in Lagos, Nigeria.

I had my childhood education at the popular Chrisland School, Ikeja.

Then moved on to Providence Nursery &Primary School. Afterwards, I moved on to Providence Heights Secondary School.

After secondary school, I moved over to Covenant University for a degree in Computer Engineering.

CyberSpace Networks, Lagos (Internet Service and Software Provider);

MEMMCOL Nigeria, Ogun State (Smart Meters Manufacturing Firm) among others.

Passion For Teenagers

My passion for teenagers started after a sad experience of poor career guidance system back in secondary school. I was a victim of low self-esteem back in my teen ages and that largely affected my local examination results but didn’t affect his international examinations. After passing my junior West African Examinations gallantly, I was put in science class and due to my low self-esteem, I had a below average grade in his first term of senior secondary school.
With respect to the laws of my secondary school then, any one that fails the 1st term in science class goes to art class automatically. But due to my passion with practical electronic works, my mum demanded and vouched for my stay in science class which standing in as my personal extra tutor till I was able to beat the cumulative average to pass into the second year. After this experience and my eventual graduation as a computer engineer, I decided to contribute my quota in stopping the poor trend of poor career choices , assessment and management of teenagers.
I then decided to launch an assessment and training institute as a corporate social responsibility of my firm to solve the issue in the teenage world. I have also volunteered for many teenage organizations like HOPE (CITY summer camp), YALESi, Teen Nation, Teens General Assembly, etc.

Best Ways To Outsource Product Development

About Joshua

I am a Business Automation Consultant and Global Teens Coach.

I help established experts, entrepreneurs and companies develop their ideas, products and projects into feasible, sustainable and profitable solutions and systems that can work effectively for them while they sleep.

While I help passionate teenagers become fulfilled experts in the space of seven(7) years by assessing them career wise, linking them to trainers, firms and mentors for training, internship and mentoring in their line of assessment.

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