Online Crafting Series (O.C.S)

This solely handles all your online needs.

Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Instagram Ads

Digital Marketing

Lead Magnets Creation

Up sells setup + Down sells setup + Sales copy

The Smart Box (T.S.B)

This caters for all smart devices and business hardware you need.

For Smart Sensing Devices Needed

Smarter & Faster Machines Supply


The Interactive Work Space (I.W.S)

This caters for all the setups or installations needed be you company to maintain the field assets, factory or office in a smart way.

The 24/7 Power Pack

This caters for your constant power supply when needed.

Provision Of Main/ Alternative power supply that has smart controls: Solar, Wind Power Installation

Fuel Supply

The Smart Dome

This allows for the smart management and monitoring of staff & directors homes from their phone or security desk.

Purchase & Installation of Smart Home Devices

Customized All-in-One Office Software

This unifies all of your company programs into 1 platform for all your departments.


  • Business Analysis
  •     Technical Analysis
  •    Products Development
  •    Products Harmonization
  •    Products deployment   
  • Product Management & Maintenance
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