How to handle Disturbing neighbors and uninvited people who never told you they were coming

Thank you for coming to read dear..

I know you too must have been tired of this…

Especially your next door neighbor that just wants to catch your attention..

or your neighbor that wants to borrow something

or the dispatch rider that comes late and you are already in an online seminar or meeting…

or your relative.. or big mummy that just comes calling at an unknown day when you have stepped out or you are about to sleep and you don’t want to leave your bed or enter back into the traffic just to open your door for them to enter..

Mhen.. I understand the stress.

Even if you have a driver.. or a maid to send around.. they will at one time or the other get tired of the excessive errands.

So the question is…. What is the solution?


Slide left to see the solution…

Its called a Smart Door Lock..!

It saves you from all those above stress, embarrassments, extra salaries and time wasting scenarios..

With it ,
– you can open your door from your phone from anywhere around the world.

– Use your remote to open your door from your bed.

– Use your phone to see, hear and speak to who is at the door without wasting time.

– Send a temporary #code to a visitor or dispatch rider to open the door, drop or pick or do what they want to do quickly before the door lock time ends.

– You can also use swiping cards or thumbprint or lastly your keys to open the door.

With that unnecessary blood pressure and stress reduces drastically.

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