If you want to Reduce Income Taxes, Increase your Automation

Dear Entrepreneur,
Tax rates will surely increase..
There will be more needs and charges by government.. So stop complaining…

If you want want to increase your profits, increase your number of automated tasks

You can make more out of what you are presently doing.

I understand that you may say that the price of automation is high.. yes it may be depending on how you view it.

A person that climbs on other people in other to climb a wall spends more time and stress (more income task + people issues).

To automate it a little higher, he can get a rope to climb the wall.

He now spends lesser time and reduces stresses thereby accomplishing more.

He can also automate a bit more by getting a carpenter /welder to construct a ladder which will reduce more stress, reduce time spent, increase work done per time and increase income.

He can also automate more into using a crane or building concrete stairs depending on the funds available.

This is why I earlier said that the price of automating your business tasks are relative.

Keeping Growing.

Joshua Oshowo

Your Business Automation Consultant.


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