Unfair Advantage Masterclass


  • In this Unfair Advantage MasterClass are the Top Skills you need to master to Gain an Unfair Advantage In Your Business/ Industry.
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How To Gain Unfair Advantage in Your Industry this Season..

What you need are :
– the right mindset on opportunities,
– the right tools
– the ability to look in the right direction
– the skills to create/ use tools and
– the discipline to gather the goodies till the gate is open!

If You Are Not Gathering When The Gate is Closed,

You will have too many people and distractions to challenge you when the gate is open!

To this end, I am presenting to you 12 Golden tools that will help you get an unfair advantage in this season.

I Call Them The 12 Golden Tools…

They are as follows:

12 Golden Skills You Will Get In This Unfair Advantage MasterClass.

1. How to Create Standard Google forms

2. Online Marketing Automation for Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc

3. How to setup a profitable Facebook Bot

4. How to setup a profitable Facebook community, with customized URL, group rules, automate sorting and entries of members, setup polls etc

5. How to create an E- Commerce website

6. How to setup a Tele-seminar.

7. How to setup a podcast.

8. How to create an audio book (record, edit, add instrumentals, reduce noise and add cover art)

9. How to create an online course

10. How to create an automated social media curator.. Using twitter

11. How to create eye catching blog headlines

12. How To Create VIP GRAPHICS for your books, CDs, brochures, fliers.

Bonus: -How To Create QR code for your business.

– How To Create Viral Hash tags

– How to Search and Register Your Website Name at very cheap rates.


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