Coding Is The New Language

Coding..! Coding!! Coding!!!

What is it?

Must I learn coding?

I was chatting with a young man some time ago and I told him to learn a new language like Chinese or French..

His reply: For what?! Do you want me to go and use it to be teaching in Secondary school?

Me: I was shocked! and wondered what mindset was this..

You mean among all the possibilities that abound in learning a new language that is the one you can think of?

My reply: A new language is an opportunity for you to double or triple the opportunities you have with your current skills!

So is coding…

Coding is simply the language a particular machine understands easily outside 1s & 0s..

I think CVs will soon evolve into sections stating,

Languages : Human — English & French
Machine — C++ , Arduino C & LAD (Ladder diagrams for Siemens)

So my dear.. Step up.. and learn the language of automation.

Welcome to the World Of Automation

Joshua Oshowo
Business Automation Consultant

Raising Fulfilled Experts



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