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I am a Business Automation Consultant. I guide creative individuals on how to develop their ideas and coach entrepreneurs on how to automate their business processes.

Automate Your Vision (Reduce Stress)

I don’t know how to shout this..

If you want to build a vision and you want to live long + have an enjoyable family (that likes your vision or not)…

My dear, Automate it.

It will save you stress and unnecessary sacrifices.

Your children and spouse does not owe you their interest or emotional connection with your vision or business.

Pay the price of automation and automate the system according to a structured plan.

Till we talk again.

I am willing to help you!


Raising Fulfilled Experts (is my joy)

Joshua Oshowo

Business Automation Consultant

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The Age of Automation is The DIY Age


Have you considered the numerous numbers of DIY videos you find online?
From Facebook to YouTube?

There is basically no skill that with the right tools and tutorials if taken accordingly with the stated steps will not yield the specific result people take years to do manually.

Automation is simply a process where a system collects data (as input) converts it into an understandable knowledge for itself, processes it and converts the result into an understandable output that you can understand.

So if you are creating a business or solution that your customers can’t handle on their own (Do It Themselves) with your manual without calling you when they need to use it..

Then be rest assured that your profits will not reach its full potential and insults or BP may continue greeting you..

So my dear friend take a cue from Multinationals, billionaires and multi generational companies.

Build a system in form of your product or service that your customer can use and pay you or call your name with joy while you are sleeping..

NB: The higher your popularity the more opportunities for you.. #Why big companies release cracks or free products or promos.

Its a DIY age… don’t be the car manufacturer and the driver at the same time.

If you have a question about a struggle in making your solution usable while you are sleeping by your clients say Hi in comments and state your kind of business.

Till tomorrow..

Automation is the real deal!

Joshua Oshowo

Business Automation Consultant

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